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Glenluce Viaduct

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Glenluce Railway Viaduct in the distance
Glenluce Railway Viaduct
Railway viaduct over the Water of Luce
Welcome to Glenluce in bonnie Gallowa'
The fishing's great in the Water of Luce

Even though it no longer carries trains across it, the good folk of Glenluce are still proud of their viaduct. After all, it's an imposing landmark which greets visitors to this wonderful community at the southern end of the village.

The viaduct itself spans the Water of Luce and a main road which passes in a sweeping curve beneath its imposing arches.

It comprises eight arches, each with a span of 42 feet and stands over 47 feet above the road. This viaduct was opened in 1861 by the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Railway and, until the infamous axe of Dr Beeching fell in 1965, it carried trains - in particular, the nightly Irish Mail service -  on this once-important route between London and Stranraer.

Challoch Junction lies just a few miles to the West where the line from Dumfries joined the line from Ayr which is still operational and the last remaining railway in Wigtownshire. This line still boasts many original features such as semaphore signals and is the last part of the national rail network to still use block token working between Barrhill and Stranraer.

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